Sunday, December 5, 2010

december daily - {day 5}

translation of the journaling:
this weekend was the weekend of (pre-)christmas dinners. on saturday we had a traditional goose dinner together with nina&daniel and their friends. mmmmmmmh, delicious! i think i had the best pumpkin soup ever in my life for starter (oops, while enjoing it sooo much i didn't even think of taking a picture), and i don't think i'll forget the chocolate crême brulée anytime soon.
on sunday ~ 2nd sunday in advent ~ we had the family (pre-)christmas dinner at steffi's&martin's...again a pumpkin soup and dumpling. however this time we had a rabbit {well, the others had...i couldn't because the goose still kept it out of her patch, a.k.a. my tummy}. 
because of the secret junk santa we did it was almost like christmas. oh, and the brass luster, which Holger wanted to have so badly and which i finally won for him, provides the story for another day. :)
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