Saturday, December 11, 2010

december daily - {day 11}

Translation of the journaling:
Today we helped N & D to move in their brand new, beautiful home.
Of course it rained.
Of course both were beside themthelves because of all the excitement, but with all those hard-working helpers (a.k.a. friends and family who weren't lucky to be on holidays...hehe) all went well. And aside from a broken lamp nothing serious happened. This has to be a good omen, don't you think?
Dear sister...if you're searching for something in your new kitchen, just call me :).
"My" room (one of the maybe-future-nurseries where, on a clear day, you can see the "Alex") even has a fluffy carpet and a bed.
Tired and hungry, after schlepping all those boxes, assembling cabinets, sorting the kitchen stuff, clinking glasses when we called it a day, we went to a Chinese restaurant....mmmmmh!

No  time to sew. Too tired...
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  1. Beautiful pages, and thank you for doing the translation. I think I will go back to digital next year.


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