Saturday, December 4, 2010

december daily - {day 4}

translation of the journaling:
Deck the Halls 
The Christmas Tree Odysee

It actually took 3 attempts to bring home a Christmas tree. The first time we tried last week but aside from a 2h-detour to get to the cheaper Christmas tree sale {that's what you get when you talk while driving...anyway, Max, who was so kind to drive us, missed some exits} and then the few tall trees were rather ugly (like fish fingers!!!). But Holger wanted a BIG advent tree.
Well, when on Thurstday we went grocery shopping and I found THE PERFECT tree in the supermarket's parking lot tree sale...humpf. 'Twas still too SHORT (in Holger's opinion). But when it was time for a 3rd attempt to find a tree I refused come along :) ~ so I was kept updated via iPhone and FINALLY we could set up our own tree at home. BTW, it was my PERFECT tree's brother...same height, but a slightly bent tip. But that's okay. I like him ~ but he still needs a name. He's quite bushy...
It's tradition that Holger and I both trim the tree together (well, I give him instructions what he shall do...) and it still isn't finished yet...but during the course of next week it definitely will.
Part of the tradition is to listen to our gray Ally McBeal Christmas CD. And as the tree needs two chains of light we had to repeat it more than once. But I don't mind...Christmas is only once in a year!
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....dann kann man auch das Gekritzel lesen :)

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  1. loving this one. similar to ali's dec daily template last year, but incorporated into her new one this year. Very cool.


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