Thursday, December 16, 2010

december daily - {day 16, catch up}

Thank you all for your lovely seems I never catch I think I start new and try to keep up with the comments from now on.
Please know, I loved to read them and I appreciate the time and effort you invest...
I hope I haven't overseen a question...if so, please ask again!

Danke Euch allen für die lieben Kommentare. Es scheint, dass ich es wohl nie schaffen werde, alles aufzuholen. Ich denke es ist das beste, ich ziehe einen Strich und fange von vorne an ....und versuche jetzt, mitzuhalten...
Ich hab mich auf jeden Fall sehr über die Kommentare gefreut!!!
Falls ich eine Frage übersehen haben sollte, bitte fragt nochmal...
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 Translation of the journaling:
Last week I read tis post on Anna's blog. She told about a random act of kindness she did for a complete unknown person she met while shopping...
This made me think (hey, you wouldn't have thought I could do that :) )...and to be honest, too often I am on the "wrong" end of gift (or anything else good) giving side. Of course, this is great for me...but somehow it isn't right at the same time. So I decided to achieve a better balance...
Well, while I was on my way home this week in the subway I browsed through my brand new quilt mag, a woman approached me and told me that she also quilted (and that's pretty remarkable because quilting isn't so popular here). We talked a bit while sitting in the subway and then I had a little light bulb moment. The end of the story: the perplexed woman was the new owner of a new quilting mag and I was the new owner of good feelings :) which made the rest of my way home through the snow a light one.
And despite the horror of (grocery) shopping in December I really try to be extra-nice to the employees and not to let them feel how stressed I am. You can't believe how easily you'll rewarded with a smile and extra-friendly service. It's really worth a try.
What helps a lot: I am constantly humming songs - no, not aloud, I am not THAT weird...but in my mental shower - it's so relaxing.
For example, when I had to wait more than half an hour at the post office I just hummed some happy songs in my mind and so it wasn't bad at all...I couldn't have changed it with a bad mood!.
So, it's the attitude that matters! :)

Hope you all have a good time,

P.S. I didn't tell this to "brag" or something like that...I just wanted to document & share...


  1. was für ein schöner post!! und wie nett von dir :-) thanks for sharing,

  2. I love your story...I bet the woman really, really appreciated the quilting magazine! Have a wonderful week before Christmas!

  3. Random acts of kindness always feel like you're giving your soul a big hug. I also hum to myself, I don't think anyone can hear me at least I hope not!

  4. What a beautiful story. I am so glad that you shared it. It gave me goose bumps. So, you see, since it lifted my spirits also, it's a gift that keeps on giving!


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