Friday, August 20, 2010


I've just read Donna's (Chookyblue.......) post about the new 'Comment' feature in blogger. Thank you, Donna, for pointing it out, I wouldn't have seen it otherwise!
Of course I had to check it out on my blog and then I realized that there were some comments that needed moderation (because I had set the settings to 'moderate comments on posts older than XY days'). Usually I get an e-mail once a comment is posted. I thought it would be the same with comments for those older post. Wrong!
There were 7 of them which I hadn't seen before... I immediately published them... and I'll answer them all {if there's an e-mail to send the answer to}. Now. Promised!

I'm so sorry!

P.S.: BTW, my humble blog got 963 comments since I started blogging more than two years ago 
...thank you for sharing your thoughts!!

P.P.S.: A post without a picture isn't a I leave you with this angelic looking naughty rascal.

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