Friday, May 30, 2008


Ich habe heute noch ein Foto für Euch...gerade ist die Herz-Applikation für den Leanne's House BOM fertig geworden... nächsten Monat kommt der zweite Block (ist ja nicht mehr so lang hin, hehe)

I've another picture for you to show...I just finished the heart appliqué of Leanne's House BOM... next month I'll work on the second block (hehe, June is nearly there...)


  1. Julia, what lovely work your block looks great...

  2. Love you block Julia! Do you choose the fabrics yourself?

  3. Hi Nicolette,
    yes, I started to collect some "special fabrics" with that BOM in mind. Whenever I saw a fabric that could match my colour scheme in mind I bought some of it - well, I'm not sure if I will use all of them or if they are enough, but I'll see then ;o) I also discovered recently that there aren't much dark values - so I will have to go shopping, hehe ;o)


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