Friday, April 8, 2011

friday fabric focus ~ {tula finds}

Oops, haven't meant to be absent that long from the blog.
Again, a crazy week.
I have several {awesome!} things to show you - tomorrow??

Today's fabric focus are some "Tula finds" from last year...yummy!
Have you seen HTH (her Tula highness :) ) sneaky peek of 'Prince Charming' yet?
Am I the only one who always thinks/says 'Prints Charming'? Quaak! (I don't know how to correctly translate the frog sound in thought I could need it one day!)
from left to right:
nest - flutterby - flutterby
Ups, ich habe gar nicht beabsichtigt, dass so hier lange funkstille herrscht.
Schon wieder eine ganz verrückte Woche.
Dabei habe ich einiges, was ich Euch zeigen will - morgen vielleicht??

Heute im fff ein paar "Tula Fundstücke" vom letzten Jahr...lecker!
Habt Ihr auf Tulas Blog die kleine Vorschau auf 'Prince Charming' gesehen?
Bin ich die einzige, die fälschlicherweise dauernd 'Prints Charming' sagt? Quaak!


  1. Very funny! I find it interesting that animals say different things in different languages! In English it's "ribbit"

  2. I'm a big fan of Tula's fabric... brilliant on so many levels! Nest was such a fabulous collection, but I have to say that I'm drooling over your Flutterby snails... oohhhh, so pretty.

    On another note, many of my family and friends (here in Germany) are quite entertained when I read a book to my little guy in English. In German, for instance, the cow "makes" moo, but in English he "goes" moo... either one translated to the other language sounds super funny.

  3. Very pretty fabrics -- I love the print in the collection that has the hidden frog. And Stine is correct -- we say "ribbit ribbit" for the frog noise. Doesn't make much sense, but that's what we say.


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