Friday, March 18, 2011

No {fff}

Today there will be no FFF...instead, I wanted to point out a wonderful fundraiser: Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson! is giving away her fabulous Tokyo Subway Map quilt. To be eligible, you have to make a donation to the American Red Cross ~ unfortunately, the site couldn't process my data - maybe because I'm, outside the US??? Or it's just my card??? - but I donated anyway via the German Red Cross website.

I'm utterly shocked because of the catastrophe in Japan and still can't quite comprehend it. I feel for the people who are affected by the triple disaster...
When will people learn?
Tokyo Subway Map Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson!
picture taken by Elizabeth Hartman
Heute gibt's keinen FFF...statt dessen möchte ich Euch auf die Spendenaktion von Elizabeth Hartman von Oh, Fransson! aufmerksam machen. Sie verlost dort ihren wunderschönen Tokyo Subway Map Quilt. Um mitzumachen, muss man zuvor dem Amerikanischen Roten Kreuz gespendet haben ~ leider konnte ich so nicht spenden  - vielleicht, weil ich von außerhalb spenden wollte??? Oder es lag an meiner ollen Karte... - aber ich habe dennoch etwas gespendet, in Deutschland.

Wie Ihr Euch vorstellen könnt, bin ich nach wie vor geschockt ob der Katastrophe in Japan und kann das ganze nach wie vor nicht wirklich fassen.
Wann wird der Mensch endlich lernen?


  1. I am also devastated by the news. I think about the shock and how horrible it must have been for families to go through such a thing on a weekday afternoon--separated, mothers terrified for their children in school.

    I'm curious what your last sentence means, though? Learn what?

  2. Hi Traci.
    I wanted to express my sadness & anger that there are so many nuclear power plants on our planet (and the number still growing) - people using a technology that is not fully controllable & where the consequences not only of a worst-case scenario, but also the "regular" waste, will affect many future generations. And my wish, that people will learn to think - and not decide based on greed and ignorance.
    I'm sorry I was not clear...I'm still somewhat speechless.


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