Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ich habe einen Vogel...oder drei ;o)

Gestern kam mein bestelltes Tilda-Buch an. Natürlich war ich die nächste Stunde erstmal nicht ansprechbar. Heute habe ich versucht, ein paar Vögel zu nähen. Nach dem ersten Versuch dachte ich: gut, Figuren sind einfach nicht meins... aber ich glaube, so langsam habe ich den Dreh mit der Füllung 'raus. Naja, Übung macht bekanntlich den Meister. Demnächst möchte ich noch die Cupcakes nähen... und die Gans... und das Schwein... und der Teddybär {nicht für mich ;o)}... und die Handschuhe ...hihi...das habe ich bei den anderen Tilda-Büchern auch schon gesagt, aber bisher ist noch nicht soviel daraus geworden...mehr Träume als Zeit, das Übliche eben ;o).
Oh {ich trau mich gar nicht, das zu sagen...} ich habe etwas gewonnen bei Susan @ Ape Over Quilting...was, weiß ich nicht {ich liieebe Überraschungen}. Sie hat gerade mit ihrem ersten Quilt angefangen - viel Glück dabei!
Yesterday my copy of the newest Tilda book arrived. Of course, I wasn't accessible for the next hours. Today I made an attempt to sew some birds. After the first I thought: O.K., stuffed things aren't for me...but now I think, well, I'm getting better with every itty-bitty bird's stuffing. Well, practice makes perfect, doesn't it? I want to sew, too, the cupcakes....and the goose...and the pig...and the cute wonky teddybear {no, not for me ;o)}... and the mittens...and....heehee...I have already said the same when I got my other Tilda books...but until now I didn't make it true...more dreams than time to make them true, the usual stuff ;o).
Oh {I'm afraid of telling this} I've won something...from a giveaway Susan @ Ape Over Quilting...I don't know what it will be yet...I love surprises ;o). She just started her first quilt. Good luck to you, Susan and thank you, Musket, for picking me!

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  1. Those little birds are darling! You did a great job stuffing, 3-D objects are harder than they look i think.

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I wish i could design more time in the day... I would definitely be the first to sign up.

    Happy Sewing,

  2. congrats Julia for winning!! also love birds! great job! I love your BOM! I want to know how you set up your blog to look so pretty!!!

  3. Julia...your birds are wonderful!!
    I can't wait to see your next creations :c) Have fun!!

  4. nanu...wo ist er denn????
    neugierig ich mal wieder bin...

  5. julia,
    oh my! i'm not even terribly fond of little stuffed things, and those birds are darling. between you and anne, i might be having little stuffed birds in random places in my house before i know it. it's a conspiracy! i loved the colors you chose. and the way you did your photos looks wonderful.
    great job!!!

  6. Julia your little birds are so very cute hugs Beth

  7. Julia! You are on a roll! You are winning prizes left and right and I say, way to go!! lol! More power to you. That's so fun. I love those cute little birds, now I think I have to buy that book myself--like I need one more but isn't that what it's all about? I got your card, it is adorable and so are you! I'm so impressed with the way you put the cover of it together, what program do you use to do that? I love it, it is on my desk so I can see you everyday.

  8. I want those birds! What's the book's title so I can get a copy to make my own aviary please?

  9. Love your little birdies! congrats on another win.


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