Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Passengers for Noah's Ark

Nachdem ich im September etwas nachlässig mit dem Regenbogen war, habe ich mich in der letzten Woche beeilt, wieder aufzuholen und jetzt können gleich 4 neue Bewohner in der Arche einziehen... ich sollte mir mal langsam Gedanken machen, mit welchen Stoffen ich das Ganze zusammenhalten werde...*grübel*. Ich danke Lynette, die uns mit einem weiteren süßen Block "versorgt" hat ;o)
Ich wünsche Euch auf jeden Fall einen tollen Herbst-Sonntag!
After being so negligent towards the rainbow in September, I hurried to catch up with the BOM last week. So, now four new residents of Noah's Ark are ready to move in... and I reall should start thinking of the fabric for the borders...*musing*.
Thank you, Lynette, for another beautiful block!
A great autumn Sunday to you all {or rather spring Sunday to you Southern-Hemisphere-ers},



  1. Oh, your birds turned out beautifully...I need to get mine done as well...October is flying by!

  2. Hey Julia! You're a block ahead of me now. I finished the rainbow, but haven't even got around to tracing the birds and tortoises yet! Been busy, busy, busy!! Hope to trace it this week to take away with me on the weekend. Scott's work has organised a retreat at a farmstay, so I'll need to take some stitching to keep my hands busy! Have a great week! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)

  3. Hi Julia, Your birds and turtles are great. I am about four blocks behind now on the BOM but am going to make the effort to catch up soon.Your Pif gift should be there any day now have a great week.

  4. YOu have done a LOVELY work here Julia : )

    All together it will be so nice.

  5. Well Done on a BOM catch-up!! Your stitcheries look great! I will need to get mine out ..I think the last one I did was the cows! Have a great day,

  6. How cute your block is. I am sooo behind on that BOM. I love it but there are so many things to do. It's hard to chose.

  7. What a lovely bird and turtle quilt. Beautiful handwork!

  8. Noah's Arc blocks are looking great, I'm behind by the last 3 now, bit of stitching to do to catch up


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