Monday, May 2, 2011

Bee Germany - Wonky April

April was Sternwerfer's Bee Germany month and she asked for a wonky house and tree. The only other requirement (aside from the size) was, that there shouldn't be a colored background or colored fabrics going to the edges of the blocks.
You know that I'm not really a fan of the whole wonky process.
You know that I'm not really a fan of paper piecing.
But guess what? I had so much FUN designing & paperpiecing the wonky fortress & cottonwood!
Maybe I should just accept that there are times where wonky-ness & paper piecing are just my cup of tea :)
I once read in a flickr group someone complaining about bee blocks that took more than one hour...well, let me just state, it was way beyond that time mark...but I don't mind at all!
Der April war Sternwerfers Monat in der Bee Germany und sie hat uns um zwei Blöcke gebeten: ein "wonky" Haus und einen Baum (wonky bedeutet schief) . Die einzige andere Vorgabe (abgesehen von der Blockgröße) war, dass keine der bunten Stoffe bis an den Rand gehen sollten.
Ihr wisst vielleicht, dass ich eigentlich das ganze "wonky" Konzept nicht so dolle finde.
Und Ihr wisst vielleicht auch, dass ich eigentlich gar nicht so gerne Paper Piece.
Aber ratet mal...genau! Mir hat das Entwerfen und nähen der Festung & Pappel so viel SPASS gemacht, das ich glatt noch mehr davon nähen könnte!
Vielleicht sollte ich endlich akzeptieren, dass es manchmal Situationen gibt, bei denen Paper Piecing und "wonky" genau mein Fall sind :)
Ich habe mal in einer Flickr Group von jemanden gelesen, der sich quasi beschwert hat, für Bee Blöcke mehr als eine Stunde investieren zu müssen...naja, ich hab's nicht gestoppt, aber ich habe deutlich länger als das gebraucht...aber das stört mich überhaupt nicht!


  1. These are just so great ... How much do I love the tree?

    I've only done a tiny bit of paper piecing but I need the time to sit and do it properly to really get it, I think. Then, I'll probably be addicted!

  2. Nachdem ich meine Blöcke fertig habe, bewundere ich Deine ja umso mehr! ;-)

  3. You must do more wonkiness - you do it so well!

  4. These are so cute! I try not to do paper piecing very much, but there are times when it is just the best choice.

  5. Hello! Like you, I am beginning to like the wonky quilt idea. I love your little house and castle wall it sits on and darling tree... My German is rusty and I can't read what it says. We lived in Erzenhausen outside of Weilerbach 25 years ago... I try to keep it up but not a lot of German speakers where I live now. Thanks for sharing your quilts and ideas!

  6. I LOVE the wonky fortress. I don't do wonky either, but I always admire ones well done. The little tree is also adorable!

  7. Hi Julia! This is my first time visiting your blog-- I was referred by The Name Game post at Live A Colorful Life. I very much like your wonky blocks and glad you had fun making them.

  8. Incredible blocks! I can't say that I've ever made too many blocks in under an hour!

  9. Hi Julia! My name is Julia too! I like your spiderweb quilt. I have done some string quilts but like how you layed yours out. I'd love to try that.


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